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Posted By: Allan C.
12-Jan-02 - 09:43 AM
Thread Name: BS: sliding into a depression
Subject: RE: BS: sliding into a depression
I completely agree with all the above but would like to submit one other thing to try in addition but not instead.

Try something new. I mean that you might think about some interests that you have not explored completely and begin to put some efforts in those directions. If you had always meant to try to do some painting, then get yourself a small set of paints and a canvas or watercolor paper and begin. If you have had a secret desire to learn rock climbing skills, then get out and do it.

Staying kinetic in some fashion will help to prevent the dust of depression from settling on you.

Many times the stimulation of new experiences and accomplishments can be helpful in allowing the rest of your brain to work on sorting some of the other issues that are causing difficulty.

It is the "sorting" part that is the most important. Depression generally stems from a feeling of not being able to solve some issues. Eventually, those issues must be faced in order to move on. The new pursuit you may investigate is simply something to do while you are working on the real issues.