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Posted By: alanabit
12-Jan-02 - 07:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: sliding into a depression
Subject: RE: BS: sliding into a depression
First good thing is that you are recognising the signs and are prepared to do something about it. When I am in the same position - feeling useless, helpless etc I get the feeling that I can't possibly cope with all the problems I have to deal with. This is tempting to give in to because it is based on a half truth. The reality is that I can't deal with everything at once. The trick I use is to start on the one thing I can do - however small and trivial it is. On days when I had no money to settle bills, no gigs and the weather ruled out even busking, I would do things like clean my flat, return the library books etc. The simple act of doing anything useful helped me to begin overcoming the feeling of helplessness. Above all, I made myself feel that I was using my time usefully. The other important trick is never to feel guilty about making mistakes. People forgive you for all sorts of mistakes. I think it's better to make a mistake and learn from it than to stay passive. Failures can jolt your confidence, but apathy will certainly sap it. If you are having financial problems - take the initiative and go to the bank, the electricity board or whatever first. It shows them that you are willing to do something about it - and more important - it tells you that you are not simply abandoning yourself to fate. I found that this helped my confidence. Very few officials really like picking on a real live human face in front of them. It is much easier for them to behave ruthlessly to someone they do not see in the flesh. (I am not bullshitting here - at one time I was a tax official). A conscious decision to be active in the face of my problems has always done more to stave off depression than any quick fix remedy I have encountered. This is what always worked for me. You have the guts to seek help and the self knowledge to recognise the signs of trouble.It's a good sign that you are learning to cope. Good luck. I think you are on your way.