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Posted By: GUEST,Desdemona
23-Dec-01 - 04:08 PM
Thread Name: I want to start a new LOTR discussion!
Subject: RE: I want to start a new LOTR discussion!
Well said, Don; your closing paragraph made exactly the point I've been attempting to throughout this discussion!

As I've mentioned previously, I have 3 little boys, and so have the opportunity to be exposed to a fair bit of popular culture targeting kids; what my husband & I both find so vexing about the newer cartoons, etc., is their incredibly frenetic pace & extremely disjointed dialogue (and this is coming from a couple of 30-somethings raised on "Looney Tunes"!!). And it isn't only children's culture; it does indeed seem as if everything has to exist in the smallest & quickest & loudest of "bytes" in order to even register with people at all.

I think it's a sad commentary when nuance and a gradual build-up of mood & atmosphere are considered boring and/or a self-indulgent waste of time. If this trend continues, western society at large won't even be able to sustain enough interest to sit through one of the crummy music videos that have robbed teen-agers these last 20 years of the chance to close their eyes and illustrate music for themselves!