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Posted By: Deckman
18-Dec-01 - 07:35 PM
Thread Name: John Dwyer - Songs & Stories -Guitar List photos
Subject: RE: John Dwyer - Songs&Stories
Beyond the bawdy ballads John knew so well, I also enjoyed his readiness to inflame the "gender wars." ... for lack of a better term. I remember one time, back in the 60's I think, he and I traveled from our homes North of Seattle to Centrailia. The beautiful Linda Allen was running a wonderful coffee house called "Apple Jam." John and I were supposed to perform a formal 'concert' centered around historical folk songs of American History. As usual, we had planned well, rehearsed, and drove down together singing all the way. We did the first half of the concert as planned, and then after intermission, the plans went to hell. John had been visiting with Linda Allen during the break and he invited her up on stage to sing with us for the last half. I didn't know her well yet, and in front of my unbieliving eyes, John starting singing the gender challenging songs ... you know, female put down songs, etc. I started squirming onstage, and the next things I knew, Linda grabbed her guitar and gave him one back ... then two back ... then three back! After a half hour of this marvelous repartie (sp?) I started looking for the back door. As I remember, we all parted friends. CHEERS, Bob And thanx for re-introducing this post. It's GOOD this time of the year to remember dear friends.