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Posted By: Bill D
02-Mar-99 - 08:35 PM
Thread Name: Origins: The Rose of Allendale / Allandale
Subject: RE: The Rose off Allendale
Mick...I read somewhere recently, that there a movement afoot in the UK and Europe generally to lower those costs...some are providing free online service, though there is still phone line cost to deal with. But it can't help but go down as the world gradually adapts to this new technology... Still, I see your point..we in the USA have it relatively easy.

Perhaps a list of 'Songs which have been discussed' could be developed..(I have seen magazines which had volunteers go thru old issues and develop an index..)..

I know!!... cross-index the database with the forum...(ducking as Dick G. and Susan of DT throw old floppies at me)