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Posted By: Gary T
01-Dec-01 - 10:03 PM
Thread Name: Scared of Music theory? Faggggedaboudit!
Subject: RE: Scared of Music theory? Faggggedaboudit!
Thanks for the additions and corrections, John and Mary. I definitely made a typo in putting "B" where a "Bb" should have been in the chart. (By the way, I don't advocate memorizing the chart, but rather the cycle of 5ths, to come later.)

I was away from my resources when I wrote my last post, and I think I got a bit out of my depth. Some corrections:

My chord dictionary doesn't use the term X minor major seventh chord, calling it instead an X minor sharp seventh (Xm#7). Same notes as I mentioned (1, 3b, 5, 7), but you may not ever see the name I used.

The same book is not showing the 3 note in eleventh chords, making them 1, 5, 7b, 9, 11. It does show a minor eleventh chord with the 3b note but no 9: 1, 3b, 5, 7b, 11.

It shows thirteenth chords without the 11 note (1, 3, 5, 7b, 9, 13).

My apologies for the misinformation. My main intent was to show that even chords that appear mysterious and intimidating (how about an X13b9b5?) follow a defined formula, and if you know the formula/definition, you know what notes should be in the chord. I advise getting a chord dictionary or similar reference for those who care to know just what the formulas are for various chords.