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Posted By: Rick Fielding
30-Nov-01 - 10:05 PM
Thread Name: Scared of Music theory? Faggggedaboudit!
Subject: RE: Scared of Music theory? Faggggedaboudit!
I hear ya's the only way to do it in this kind of community. I think if someone takes EACH post as a little lesson in itself, much can be learned.

About three years ago I started a "guitar tips" thread, and a kindly Mudcatter PM'd me saying "let's team up,...I'll make charts and stuff on my website and it'll really help people". The trouble was that within a couple of days I realized that his approach was virtually OPPOSITE to mine. Now I don't get passionate about much, but I've worked with soooo many people who considered themselves "unteachable" (and gotten great results) that I'm a real stickler for certain things. Thumb placement on guitar for one thing. Buying the RIGHT instrument for YOU (that alone can cut the learning process by 50%) Certain fingerings that produce certain results in the future, etc. etc.

The Upshoot was that I let him do his own thing and kind of moved to the background rather than start being critical of his information. I think he may have been a bit offended, but I didn't see an option. I won't knowingly support what I think is a wonky approach. BUT...everyone's approach is valid to THEM.

I've learned a couple of things here already.

'Course when we write our books Ted, there'll be no reason for compromise!