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Posted By: M.Ted
30-Nov-01 - 10:03 PM
Thread Name: Scared of Music theory? Faggggedaboudit!
Subject: RE: Scared of Music theory? Faggggedaboudit!
None of you boscos have gotten into actual music theory--these items are all simply bits of mechanical information, which is why they don't make sense to a lot of people(as in "music theory completely lose me")--and why JonW ends up saying "Now, I know all this theory, so can't I play worth a tinker's cuss?"

"Music Theory" gives you ideas about how harmonies and chords are used, what the scales are for--plans for creating and developing musical ideas(like solos) systems that can be used for creating arrangements, that sort of stuff--it helps to answer the question "Now what do I do?"

You can play from written music, without theory--You can play a melody instrument, and learn to play by rote, note for note,without theory--But if you play improvised music, write music, or have to think up your own chords and or accompaniments for singers or other solo instruments,the theory is there to help you--