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Posted By: JohnInKansas
30-Nov-01 - 02:51 PM
Thread Name: Scared of Music theory? Faggggedaboudit!
Subject: RE: Scared of Music theory? Faggggedaboudit!
A little exercise, for those who can get to a keyboard. Piano, organ, or whatever.

Put your right hand down with the thumb on C, the first finger two white keys "up" on E, and the middle finger another two up on G.

When you hit all three of those notes together, you've got a C chord. (I in the key of C)

Leave the thumb where it is, and move the other two up one step each - C, F, A

You've got an F chord (IV) in the key of C. (hey look - it's upside down, but what the hey.)

Go back to the C, E, G position.

Now move the thumb and first finger each down one white key, leaving the middle finger where it is - to B, D, G.

You've got a G chord (V in the key of C).

Practice switching back and forth, until you get the feel of it, and you've got the basic "moves" for the I, IV, V chords commonly used in the key of C.

It's good ear training, and a little practice at this can help give you a feel for "linking" your chord movements. An oft-cited rule of "composition" is that when you move from one chord to another, both chords should have at least one note in common. - Note the finger that didn't move, in the exercise.

Also note that C and G, or C and F played in succession sound a little more natural than when you jump directly from F to G of G to F.

Rick will probably get around to explaining that the "seventh" chord has to get invented to make transitions smoother??