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Posted By: PeteBoom
28-Nov-01 - 10:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: Harry Potter: Good or Bad Witch part II
Subject: RE: BS: Harry Potter: Good or Bad Witch part II
"When one person's technology is so far advanced beyond another's person technology that it appears to be magic. Then, it is magic." I stole that bit from a fellow I used to do a little gaming with 20+ years ago.

I proposed something once on a Celtic board where some eejit came in wanting to know about becoming a Celtic. Yup, that was his question. "How do I become a Celtic?" We finally figured out that he wanted to work magic(k). Then he came back a couple of months later telling us we were all devil worshippers because we did not try and talk him out of it, and some fellow directed him to some neo-mysticism site or other.

I asked him the same question I asked other folks before and since who were "good Christians" (which by their definition, I am not...) "Is a tool in itself good or evil, os is the use of the tool good or evil? A knife heated to red hot can blind a person or permanently maim them. In an emergency, the same red hot knife can cauterize a wound and save a person's life. If Biblical Saints could work miracles through the power of the Divine, how did they do it? The records are a little vague and were written long after the events. If one channels energy that is around us into a focused place to manipulate or control events, is the ability to channel energy good or evil, or the use to which it is put?"