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Posted By: jighead
28-Nov-01 - 12:58 AM
Thread Name: Graphite guitars - what do ya'll think?
Subject: RE: Graphite guitars - what do ya'll think?
Friends, I just got to checking out the responses to Graphite guitars I am so sorry that I am so late to come to the defense of my Rainsong but we have been busy of late. There is only one reason to own a Rainsong and that is...uhh..well...hmmm -your uncle willie died and left it under his bed and you found it when you cleaned his house and the family made you keep it...uhh..well we all know that it is absolute and utter sacralage to even think about a non wood guitar and indeed I, of some 30 years of wooden instruments, fall plainly in that catagory. However I lusted for a guitar that stayed in tune while traveling in the various climes and venues and in a MOMENT OF INCREDIBLE WEAKNESS and short sight I made the purchase ($1700). Since this time my fingers love the ease of play, my ears love the sound (balanced tone), and especially love the electronics which makes it sound like a real fake wooden guitar instead of an electric fake wooden guitar. Jeeze did I say that? (and yes I would buy another one) I used the guitar on our newest CD "Passed by Here" the cuts were: Ojos, Naked Highwayman, and maybe another spot or two. If you go to our website and check out our sound samples I will add one of those songs and mark it in the next few days. (I'll put an "r" at the biginning of the title) The only drawback to the rainsong is that when playing very fast you get small graphite slivers called "shiners" on your hands that make them so slippery you can't get your pants on in the morning.

Ok I'm done now. Ken Willson