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Posted By: Celtic Soul
27-Nov-01 - 09:10 PM
Thread Name: BS: Harry Potter: Good or Bad Witch part II
Subject: RE: BS: Harry Potter: Good or Bad Witch part II
My daughter and I discuss the differences between Harrys world of witches and the ones here (Pagans, Wiccans, etc.) The fact is, HP's universe is a "Magic instead of Science" world...magic is nothing more than a tool. So far, there have been no references to *any* religion *except* Christianity (through it's holidays).

I still don't see what the hubbub is. The attraction for most kids is a world where you can ride a broomstick, make things float, and become invisible, which doesn't exist here, even for those who call themselves witches in our world.

If they'd only read the blinking things without prejudice, maybe they'd see the underlying messages that exist there...ones that *any* reliigion could use to it's advantage. Good can triumph over evil...evil takes all sorts of forms...and love is the strongest thing anywhere.

But I am a rabid fan, so...