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Posted By: catspaw49
23-Nov-01 - 06:19 AM
Thread Name: BS: Harry Potter: Good or Bad Witch part II
Subject: RE: BS: Harry Potter: Good or Bad Witch part ll
John Hardly said:

"....I think that "fundamentalist" Christianity is acting so goofy these days for much the same reason--it has become severly weakened by (at least) two major heresies, Gnosticism and Legalism. The heresies have made Christians feel a stronger need to convert everyone out of a sense that their weak faith will be proven as it is strong enough to convert others (misery loves company?).


John, you may feel that you are having a problem making your points clear, but you could not have said this any better. I find those that are most comfortable and assured with and within their own beliefs to be far less zealotic (is that a word?) in their attitudes.