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17-Nov-01 - 11:15 AM
Thread Name: BS: Harry Potter
Subject: RE: BS: Harry Potter
I haven't read the books, don't know the stories, etc. But was looking forward to seeing this and the upcoming "Fellowship of the Ring" (which I think looks great). I was very excited by the buzz the film is getting. Ordered advance tickets on sale, got to the theater early, etc etc. Understand that the marketing stuff is the same as Dukes of Hazzard, Superman, etc. and am not put off by it, as I think it is much more positive than that stuff for kids.

So, went to the movie last night. It is gorgeous looking. The special effects don't overtake the film. Excellent cast.

I fell asleep half way through the movie. Yes, I fell asleep.

Well, if there is no real story, and the film is just a series of events to get to the final good vs evil battle, you've lost me. If it doesn't have a really good story to tell that holds together for both children and adults (no matter how much we love all the little details), it just won't work for me.

I give it a 5 stars out of 10. I'm hoping I'll be able to stay awake through it when it comes out on DVD. I'll be sure to watch it first thing in the morning.

I also don't have a problem with long films, if the story justifies it. To me, action sequences just can't be used to justify too long a length in narrative books, plays, movies, stories, songs, etc.

I'm sure for Harry Potter cult members, this film is a joy. If you aren't a Harry Potter cult member, you might want to save your money for "Fellowship of the Rings" on the big screen, and wait for HP to come out on DVD. Wish I had.