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Posted By: Art Thieme
17-Nov-01 - 12:01 AM
Thread Name: OBIT: Taliban--Gen. Franco (similarities!?)
Subject: RE: OBIT: Taliban--Gen. Franco (similarities!?)
Good points. It is a stretch to find any real parallels. It just has always seemed obvious to me that it was, at the very least, simply wrong to leave Franco with the people under his fist all those decades. Franco and his ever-present Guardia Civil and their ever-present machine guns held sway so very long there. ------- It almost seems like---could it be---a lucky break(?) for the people (mostly the women) of Afghanistan that the U.S. got so outraged that there was simply no possibility the angry retalliation for the WTC attack wouldn't happen and, also, just for the hell of it, almost by accident, take out the injustices there almost like collateral damage sadly affects innocent bystanders? Bad luck and good luck---two sides of the same coin--yet another paradox--visible eddys in the swirling chaos of existence that form, haphazardly, the seeming solidity of our lives.

I hope I'm saying what I mean--what I want to say here. I doubt I am--because these ideas aren't very solid in my head right now. I'm using this forum to try to make some kind of sense of it all--to get my head together and coherant.

I do appreciate your tolerance of these ruminations.

Art Thieme