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Posted By: CarolC
13-Nov-01 - 03:01 AM
Thread Name: BS: Harry Potter
Subject: RE: BS: Harry Potter
I would tend to agree that the writing in these books is not really up to the standard of Dahl, Tolkien, or Carroll. However, they do a very good job of capturing the imagination, probably with less effort on the part of the reader.

This is probably their weakness from the perspective of more sophisticated readers. But I'm guessing it's their strength for the less experienced readers who need a compelling introduction into the world of books.

My son didn't take to reading very well when he was younger. I felt that if I could instill in him a love for literature and for reading, which I did by reading to him a lot, he would eventually start reading more on his own. He is now, at the age of 18, an avid reader. And a pretty good writer, too.

I'm guessing that these books serve a similar function for many inexperienced readers. And for those of us who have enjoyed the likes of Dahl, Tolkien, Carroll, etc., and who also like the Harry Potter books, maybe a little light refreshment is a good thing from time to time.