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Posted By: CaptainLewis
12-Nov-01 - 09:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: Harry Potter
Subject: RE: BS: Harry Potter
Sinsull, really now, the stories either tend to appeal or they do not - much like JRRT's stuff. My wife can't stand LOTR because JRRT blathers on and on ad nauseum and doesn't get to the point (her words). I enjoyed LOTR as an intricately woven story justifying his languages (as he put it).

Harry Potter, (and a point missed by most of the religious right - including my b-in-law) is a well-written morality play that appeals to cetain sensibilities - like mine. My wife likes it too, oddly enough. But JKR has a nice blend of the mundane and the magical to work with which gives the reader touch-points to keep it rolling.

Grab - I think they were pretty good in getting to the stuff were able to - and since most of us going were already on familiar terrain - why belabor the plot point for the uninitiated?

As an old friend used to quote - "Good stuff, Maynard!" Cheers!