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Posted By: Grab
11-Nov-01 - 08:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: Harry Potter
Subject: RE: BS: Harry Potter
OK, it's not _called_ a safe game, but nothing ever happens, not without outside interference anyway (jinx/Dementors), and the referee always calls penalties on fouls. Whereas the film has them playing dirty and loving it, the little tarts! (or was that another film? ;-)

John Cleese is pretty much just a cameo, but Robbie Coltrane gets some decent screen time.

They also had the LotR trailer at the start. Again, I'm worried that taking all the plot to the screen will hamstring the film. Fortunately Tolkein had a most serious case of literary bloat, so they should be able to edit it down to 3 good films. And no-one will complain if the LotR films are long - after the books, you'd expect 3 1/2 hours minimum per film. Count me in on that one next month!

MMM1A, if you've not yet seen it then get out there and watch Shrek at the cinema - you may still find a theatre showing it. I can't recommend that film enough (and a cover of a Leonard Cohen song on the soundtrack as well - what more could you ask :-) That was the first film in ages where I came out thinking "I'm really, really glad I saw that" instead of just "well, it's a fun way to spend an evening".

Clinton, there is nothing I would not believe from nutters with religion (so-called to distinguish from the religious-and-relatively-sane majority). The moment you sign your critical faculties over an arbitrary third party instead of making your own decisions on right and wrong, you may as well take out your prefrontal lobes too, since you've obviously no use for your higher thought processes. Nutters with religion - can't live with them, and can't shoot them cos they've got more guns and ammo than the rest of us...