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Posted By: Wolfgang
08-Nov-01 - 04:48 AM
Thread Name: Lyr/Tune Add: Vu Iz Dos Gesele
Subject: RE: Vu Iz Dus Gesele
In addition to questions of medical interest, there are many interesting possibilities concerning the origin of Ashkenazi populations and how they migrated in Europe. It seems likely that Jews began to arrive in Eastern Europe perhaps 1,000-1,200 years ago, when settlement was already sufficiently developed to provide them with opportunities to make a living.

One theory claims that the Jews of Eastern Europe derive predominantly from Jewish migrants from the Rhineland or from Italy, being fairly direct descendants of the original ancient Jewish / Hebrew populations.

A second theory suggests a northerly migration from the Balkans or from Central Asia, with the possibility of large scale conversions of Slavs and/or Kuzars to Judiasm.

This argument parallels the controversy over the origin and development of Yiddish the language of Eastern European Jews. One theory proposes that Jews migrating from the Rhineland and neighboring regions spoke an old form of German which was to provide the basis of Yiddish.

Other scholars reject the German origin of Yiddish. These linguists see Yiddish grammar as fundamentally Slavonic, with modern Yiddish developed by incorporating large numbers of German and Hebrew words into the context of a basically Slavic grammar and syntax.

There has not been enough historical evidence to decide between such theories. Now, with the newly developed genetic methods, it is possible to test these ideas, for example to see if there was a significant Slavic contribution to modern Ashkenazic Jewry. Early indications from this study seem to support the "Mediterranean To Europe To Eastern European" pattern.

copied and pasted from DNA Evidence for Common Jewish Origin which is quite interesting to read. About 80 to 90% of the words are decipherable for a German, the other words come from a completely different source.