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Posted By: Steve in Idaho
07-Nov-01 - 04:35 PM
Thread Name: Graphite guitars - what do ya'll think?
Subject: RE: Graphite guitars - what do ya'll think?
Wow - I think that I'll stick with my old Mossman. I agree that a lighter guitar, and I'd love for my old box to stay in tune as the heat goes up and down, and one that stays in tune is a luxurious fantasy for me. There isn't a new guitar out there that I would consider buying. But then again I don't play for money, in coffee houses, rarely in front of people (other than my friends), or in situations where I'd need to whack someone with it. I do have a solid oak lap steel that we used to use in some of the redneck dives I played in - and it was solely for self defense!

I'm somewhat of an anachronistic individual. I bought a new Carhart coat a couple of years ago and was summarily dismayed to find velcro for flap closures. I went home, pulled the velcro off, and replaced it with snaps.

I'm certainly grateful for the "condenser mike" idea. I've wondered how to amplify my instrument for the occasional gig at the Farm Bureau meetings and local ranchers dinners.

The other piece of this is how does one distinguish the different instruments when playing in a group? Three guitars made of graphite would sound like three guitars that would be exactly alike. When I set down with my pickin buddies I can tell when Charlie is pushing his 36 Martin, or Gary is upping the ante with his old Gibson Dove, maybe Gary M. has his 40's Martin and pickin a lead run, or my Mossman is needed for a bass line run. Mixing different woods is sublime for me.

It's why a good older instrument is worth more than a new one. I think that technology is wonderful and will provide for instruments that meet specific needs. On the road with an instrument is a specific need. A new player is a specific need, a young person who hasn't learned the value of great old things is a specific need, and others that aren't in my head right now.

I'd like to play one for a bit to see what they are like - but I don't think I would own one. Besides I'm also a masochist who loves to have his instrument go clear out of tune in the middle of a fiddle tune - just so I can stop and tell a joke or smell the roses :-)