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Posted By: MichaelM
07-Nov-01 - 01:59 PM
Thread Name: Graphite guitars - what do ya'll think?
Subject: RE: Graphite guitars - what do ya'll think?
I own and play a Rainsong. It has a distinctive sound which indeed lacks the "woodiness" of a good quality solid -wood guitar. But I don't have a problem with that. Complaining that it doesn't have the same sound as a traditional guitar is like complaining that a vegetarian meal doesn't taste enough like meat.

The sound has a clarity and purity that surpasses most moderately-priced wooden guitars. It is remarkarably loud. And it doesn't have the moodiness associated with woodiness. No warm-up playing to open up the guitar. No seasonal or geographical dramatics (i.e. caused by humidity and temperature fluctations). No neck-related tuning inconsistencies.

Granted,it is now as good as it will ever get. The sound will be exactly the same forty-five years from now. There will be no hush surrounding the words "pre-war Rainsong" (doesn't that sound a little ominous post Sept.11).

Anyone who ever carries their own instrument or who has shoulder or neck problems should check out this guitar. It has no internal bracing and the sound box is made thin specifically to encourage vibration. The result is a guitar that seems to weigh as much as a mandolin.

Try one with open ears and I think you might change your mind. Certainly this instrument is extremely musical in character, ergonomically superior and worth our attention until there is a CITES ban on graphite.