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Posted By: Fortunato
07-Nov-01 - 08:51 AM
Thread Name: Graphite guitars - what do ya'll think?
Subject: RE: Graphite guitars - what do ya'll think?
"When the rednecks rush the stage, tear down the chickenwire and hurl themselves at the band because they have failed to "play Porter Wagoner", I'd prefer to have a Rainsong Guitar. The tensile strength of the woven graphite is far superior to spruce and rosewood and will bust a redneck's head wide open. The rain song is perfectly balanced for 'over the head bash' and also works well for the crotch thrust. If broken the guitar's glass like shards will imbed themselves in the body of the assailant and cut the living shit out of them."

Apart from that they sound better than we traditionalists want them too, but look like hell. Amplified they sound damn good. Playability is above average.

One thing is missing. Can I get one with Velvet Elvis on the front and a nude Marilyn Monroe on the back?

I mean let's get tacky.