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Posted By: catspaw49
07-Nov-01 - 07:23 AM
Thread Name: Graphite guitars - what do ya'll think?
Subject: RE: Graphite guitars - what do ya'll think?
And moo, let's not forget to be envronmentally correct here and do what we can to protect the earth as well as have a graphite supply for years to come. I think that there is very litle difference in sound between most of them and the demand for Brazilian graphite (Graphexotica bullshiticus) is simply ridiculous.

Also, a lot of makers are having excellent results with graphite laminates and the guitars with solid tops and laminate backs and sides are really pretty decent and when "blind" tested are pretty indistiguishable from the ones with solid back and sides. This is of course based on all things being equal which they rarely are. The tiniest i byte glitch in the mix vat computer will result in some very "plastic" sounding instruments.

Additionally, the big makers have turned back to the more traditional Epoxy adhesives and away from the Cyanoacrylics. I know there is still some warm feelings when I mix up some WEST System Epoxy and that warm smell as it catalytically reacts gives you the real feeling of craftmanship. Plus, Epoxy transfers sound better.

Always be sure to compare and go for the sound you like. If you do Bluegrass, you're going to be a lot more satisfied with Graphitea boomintwangea but it's not nearly as good for a finger style. Never compare styrofoam to latex, if you know what I mean.

I have heard that a few are exploring some alternative materials for guitar building with some initial success being found by using trees cut at funny angles to enhance the grain characteristics. Trees are a renewable resource and biodegradable as well and the sound isn't bad, but maybe with some work and research, it will improve up to the point of at least the lesser graphites within a few years. The tree made guitars I've seen have a lot imperfections in grain and appearance, lacking the sheen and perfect finish of graphite, but I figure we can get used to it.