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Posted By: Jeri
23-Oct-01 - 12:29 AM
Thread Name: FSGW Getaway 2001 Memories
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway 2002 Memories
Tinker, I hope you didn't get the great human pillow festival in the corner while you were filming! And that Kendall/Max duet just about had me needing CPR. That Saturday night singing in the cabin was one of the most fun times I can recall in my entire life. Some beautiful music, some incredibly silliness, musical and otherwise, and a whole lot of family feeling.

I made it home alive. Wimped out on the radio show. After getting less than 5 hours of sleep each night and not knowing where I was going or what I was doing, I figured I'd accidentally end up in Oregon.

I finally sang into an actual mic on an actual stage to an actual audience, and did NOT mess up. If it hadn't been for Ickle Dorritt's song, "The Sparehand," I probably wouldn't have signed up to perform.

It was great to meet so many new friends, both Mudcatters and FSGW members.

I still don't feel like sleeping. Perhaps it's because if I do, the weekend will REALLY be over.