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Posted By: Roger in Baltimore
22-Oct-01 - 07:04 PM
Thread Name: FSGW Getaway 2001 Memories
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway 2002 Memories
Oh, yes. TJ O'Malley made me jealous. He turned LTDinH into a bluesly riff without really changing its core. He did what all good folk singers do with a song, He made it his own.

I can't get this going without sleep deal down. I went to bed about one on Friday and was up at 5:30 AM on Saturday (I don't know why, I just was). Of course, no one else was up then.

When Saturday evening came around I began to feel sleep deprived. About 10:30 PM (which is when the unorganized and truly great music begins) I was sitting in the dining hall thinking, "Man, I really want to stay up for the music." My body was saying, "You'll be lucky if you can get up from this bench, much less sing and play." The argument went on for a while and my body won. So I missed four or five hours of the best music and camraderie around. But I did get eight hours of sleep and was coherent enough to lead the comic songs workshop and the blues workshop.

In reply to multiple requests, I'm posting (and maybe reposting) the words to Breakfast Blues.

My highlight was Dani singing a parody of "Gimme That Old Time Religion". Chorus is unchanged. A sample of a verse is. "I'll pray with Jim and Tammy, Buy a condo in Miami, Pay no tax to Uncle Sammy, It's good enough for me." I had never heard it and had trouble staying on my chair. I understand that thousands of other people know this song, but it was new to me. I'll be searching out verses beyond those that Dani kindly gave to me.

Looking forward to next year.

Roger in Baltimore