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Posted By: GUEST,Andy, Port Erin
18-Oct-01 - 05:16 AM
Thread Name: 'Celtic Music/Dave Bulmer' saga: Pt 2
Subject: RE: 'Celtic Music/Dave Bulmer' saga: Pt 2
As I understand it, all company accounts are lodged with the Inland Revenue. That is how and why Corporation Tax is raised/checked. In the instance of the CM Records accounts, their accountant has been unable to audit the accounts and therefore they are Qualified and only certified by the Director ,,,, guess who that is!

The I R SHOULD always be interested in Cash Sales, but when the accountant to the company has been unable to verify the correctness of the accounts (including cash sales)they should sit up higher (the Inland Revenue that is). Of course cash is a basic part of any trading business but, as with everything, it must be able to be accounted for. CM apparently is unable to do this and equally cannot, it would seem, account for "stocks".

VAT also SHOULD be interested because it is made plain in the accounts that accounting records have not been properly maintained. But again Bulmer slips the noose - what justice is to be had against operators like him and his cronies?

Like nearly everything involving Bulmer, it stinks.

As far as the MU is concerned I imagine its simply politically incorrect to proceed against another member. I used to be a member and quit many years ago when it was very obvious that the MU are more concerned about players in the pit orchestras - not that that's wrong - but they always seemed blinkered to the excesses of the industry cowboys amongst whom I put Bulmer.