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Posted By: Tyke
16-Oct-01 - 06:23 PM
Thread Name: 'Celtic Music/Dave Bulmer' saga: Pt 2
Subject: RE: 'Celtic Music/Dave Bulmer' saga: Pt 2
Have I got this right? So Nick Jones signed a deal with Topic records (Bill leader?) and when they went bust which was after Nick Jones had his accident. Dave Bulmer through Celtic Music bought all the assets.

Now Celtic Music is thought to be financial difficulties one of the partners in Celtic Music is no longer a solicitor having been struck off? After he tried to stop his home being repossessed by the fraudulent use of his client's monies.

If I were correct in my simple understanding all this Dave Bulmer would now alegidly seem to have little money to place into the production of Albums. Which is quite different from sitting on the master tapes if they are to stop Nick Jones from earning a living. As implied in this thread!

The Leader/Trailer, Rubber, Black Crow and Highway Labels have already stopped trading. Not I suspect because they were profitable concerns! So artists signed away their rights for a record deal with these companies. It was Celtic Music who then bought the assets and the rights. Celtic Music did not get the artists recording with those companies to sign away their rights. Celtic Music seem to have bought those rights when no one else would or had the money to do so. What would have happened to the Leader/Trailer, Rubber, Black Crow and Highway assets if Celtic Music had not bought them all those years ago?

Sorry I'm just not in to kicking people when they are down solicitors included! Certainly this rather public one-sided witch-hunt seems wrong to me. I have already said that musicians, singers; songwriters should not sign contracts unless they have their solicitor check it out! The truth is that every year people sign these contracts against the advice of their solicitors. Because it is the only way to a record deal! What ever Dave Bulmer has or has not done he has a love of "Folk Music" and he is not the only one to have done it or in some cases he was when no one else would take the chance!

Take legal advise befor signing a contract if you do not or ignor it! Who's fault is it?