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Posted By: Trevor
16-Oct-01 - 04:23 AM
Thread Name: Songs to different tunes
Subject: Songs to different tunes
I'm sure there must have been threads on this before which I haven't seen, but having heard Snuffy's rendition of 'My Old Man's a Dustman' to the tune of 'Adieu my Lovely Nancy', and 'Clementine' to 'Cwm Rhondda', I have had my appetite whetted for more. I suppose hymn tunes, with their fairly rigid structure, are fairly easy to fit other words to, although Mal Brown's song 'Crimea Bound' is a bit of a squeeze to the tune of 'Dear Lord and Father..', and 'To Be a Pilgrim' has an extra line of melody to 'Our Captain'. UK Mudcatters will probably know the round of the 'I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue' where contestants have to fit the words of a tune to the melody of another - Willy Rushton was brilliant at it. Any more?