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Posted By: Ferrara
04-Oct-01 - 11:18 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords Req: Ein Prosit
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Ein Prosit
I went to Oktoberfest in Munich in about 1968, had a fine time and have been nostalgic for the silly songs we sang, ever since.

So, I looked up one of my favorites on Wolfgang's site. Mind you, this is a really tacky drinking song, about as classy as "Poor Lil" or "The Lady in Red" in the U.S.... I have no shame, I'll sing anything if it's fun.

Anyway -- good heavenly days, whoever typed the damn thing in had no idea whatsoever of the words, but seems to have done the whole thing "by ear" with no comprehension of the Bavarian dialect -- amazing. So I'm going to post the version from the site, followed by what I always thought the words were.... my German is barely passable but I think someone slowed this one down for me so I could learn it and I've never forgotten it.... So, for fun:

[The Web Site's Version:]GEHN MER MOL NÛBER ?[sic]

Gehn mer mol nüber, gehn mer mol nüber,
gehn mer mol nüber zum Schmitt seiner Fraa !
Gehn mer mol nüber, gehn mer mol nüber,
gehn mer mol nüber zum Schmitt.

Der Schmitt der hat zwei Töchterlein,
die möchten so gerne geheiratet sein.
Gehn mer mol nüber, gehn mer mol nüber,
gehn mer mol nüber zum Schmitt.

[The real thing, I think, such as it is, with my primitive translation:]

[Gehen Wir Noch Einmal Darueber, roughly, "Let's all go over there again..."]

Geh'n wir 'mal 'ruber,
Geh'n wir 'mal 'ruber,
Geh'n wir 'mal 'ruber zum Scmitt, seine Frau
[Let's go over to see Schmitt and his wife]

Denn Schmitt, er hat zwei Tochterlein'
Die mochten sehr gern verheiraten sein

[For Schmitt, he has two daughters
Who would very much like to be married]

Geh'n wir 'mal 'ruber,
geh'n wir mal ruber,
geh'n wir mal ruber zum Schmitt.

Sorry - no umlauts

Anyway, if anybody wants to correct MY mistakes go right ahead. I still sing the song sometimes just for fun.

Also the first line or two of "So Ein Tag," etc., which is all I ever learned. Stuck with me and I like it (blush).

Also "These Are My Mountains," which was an equally sappy song I learned in Scotland. No taste at all.... musically anyhoo....