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Posted By: Genie
03-Oct-01 - 04:01 PM
Thread Name: Your Favorite Hawaiian Songs
Not authentic Hawaiian, but I just love "My Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua, Hawaii," because it's so much fun to sing
"Homo mai no ka'ua i ka hale wela ke hau (sp?)
"humu-humu nuku=nuku a pua'a"*

*Hawaii's state fish, I am told.

I also like the Hawaiian version of the newer version of Hawaiian Wedding Song. (There is an older, more 'authentic' Hawaiian song on which the popular song was based.)

 Hawaiian Wedding Song

This is the moment I've waited for;
E - i -a a - u ke ka-li nei

I can hear my heart singing;
A i-a la i he-a

Soon bells will be ringing
Ku - u a --- lo - ha.

This is the moment of sweet aloha.
E - i - a a-u ke hu-li ne-i.

I will love you longer than forever.
A lo - a - a a - e ka ma-na-o

Promise me that you will leave me never.
Ma - ha ka i - i - ni a ka pu-u-wai.

Here and now, dear, all my love I vow, dear.
U - a si - la pa - a ia me o - e

Promise me that you will leave me never.
Ko a - lo - ha ma - ka mae e i-po

I will love you longer than for-ever.
Ka'u ia e le - i a - e ne-i-la

Now that we are one, Clouds won't hide the sun.
Nou no ka i - ini A nou wa - le no

Blue skies of Hawaii smile
A o ko a-lo-ha ka'u

On this, our wed-ding day.
E hi - i - po - li mau

I do love you With all my heart.
Na'u oe e lei, na'u oe e lei.
I doubt that the English words correspond closely in meaning to the Hawaiian ones. I just put them in to show metric correspondence. However, my spacing between words may disappear when I post this, so it may not work.