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Posted By: Marion
30-Sep-01 - 11:47 PM
Thread Name: Flat picking + two fingers. for Marion
Subject: RE: Flat picking + two fingers. for Marion
I found a practical use for this hybrid picking business:

With the guitar tuned in DADGAD, and with a tune in D major, you can flatpick the melody on the lower strings while plucking alternating bass notes (so to speak) on the high strings. It's handy - you have an open D and A for the D chords, an open G and D for the G chords, and an open A and easily reached E for the A chords. And volume balance is less of an issue since the high notes are just harmony notes.

So what's this "fingerpicking with thumb and index" business about?


Oh yeah....and, John....

... you once told me that a sunburst design makes one more attractive to the opposite sex... so I can hardly put much stock into what you think looks cool, can I now?