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Posted By: GUEST,Max
21-Sep-01 - 10:16 AM
Thread Name: 'Celtic Music/Dave Bulmer' saga: Pt 2
Subject: RE: 'Celtic Music/Dave Bulmer' saga: Pt 2
The guy seems to have so much misplaced self-importance. Get this which appeared in the local paper:

Louth coroner resigns

Louth district coroner Neil Sharpley has resigned from his position of coroner, after being struck off the roll of solicitors. A hearing in London on Tuesday found Mr Sharpley and his brother Jeremy Sharpley to have acted dishonestly at their former solicitors' practice, Allison and Helmer, in Mercer Row, Louth.

Money had been borrowed from clients' accounts and the solicitors failed to keep properly written up books.

Neil Sharpley told the Telegraph/This is Grimsby today: "Being in public office, it is right I should not embarrass the county council. The proper thing to do is do what a lot of politicians fail to do."

He said he would continue to pursue a number of commercial, charitable and community interests in Louth. He said he will continue as a consultant on a number of matters.

In a statement from both himself and Jeremy Sharpley he said they will never accept there is any justice in the decision of the tribunal that struck them off.

"The position remains that no-one save ourselves has lost anything and the tribunal proceedings did not come about as a consequence of any complaint from a client.

"We have been privileged to serve the Louth area community as solicitors and will undoubtedly continue to do so in other capacities."

and my letter to the editor:

Louth Coroner Resigns - item in THIS IS GRIMSBY

What good luck for the people of Louth and district that we have managed to rid ourselves of two dishonest solicitors who also held public office as Coroner, and Deputy Coroner.

I was nauseated to read that Neil Sharpley feels that he has not had justice. He seems to think that just because he broke many accounting rules of the Law Society that ensure solicitor conduct and was not caught as a result of a complaint by a client, it was OK to break the rules. Quite incredible. He was caught as a result of internal investigations by the Law Society - which is what they do. They seek out dodgy solicitors. They have a nose for it and who knows why they homed in on the Sharpley's - but they did! Ask yourself why?? The Sharpley's seemed to feel that it was OK to plunder client accounts and trusts. But it isn't OK - and justice most surely has been done.

Have you ever known any person found guilty to utter anything other than to protest his innocence? The Sharpley's would have earned a tad of respect had they simply said "Fair cop guv" and gone quietly into oblivion.

That Neil Sharpley then has the audacity and gall to say he will pursue charitable and community interests should set those altruistic bodies running for the hills. There are also very strict rules relating to the composition of charitable trusts which could be prejudiced seriously by any "assistance" from the likes of the disgraced solicitor, Neil Sharpley. To use the old Groucho Marks quote: I wouldn't want to join a club that would have me as a member", and neither presumably would the Charity Commissioners want to have anything to do with a Charity that had Neil Sharpley in it!

As he has been proved to have a fondness for making "loans" to himself from money held for clients, to be used for his "other business interests" perhaps the Charities and hard pressed communities he wants to help should ensure he is distanced from the coffers and collection boxes.

Goodbye and good riddance.

To all Mudcatters: I have enjoyed being part of this thread for the last three months or so. I have had a particular mission to see Sharpley exposed. You guys still have the partner Bulmer. The way is open to you to go for him and stop moaning. If Sharpley is Bulmers trousers, they must be now down round his ankles!

Good luck. I shall watch and read the thread with interest but Big talkers are usually just Big Talkers. Go for action!