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Posted By: johnm (inactive)
22-Jan-99 - 05:45 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Motorway Song (Leon Rosselson)
There was a song by Andy MacNaughton (sp?) protesting a motorway being built through Glasgow. It was "We'll have No Motorway" and supposedly stopped the construction of the road.

For many years, the Glasgow green has suffered fray (sp?) from neglect,
Now Templetons (sp?) is empty and the Doulton (sp?) fountain's wrecked
They think that as we've accepted this without an angry scene,
We'll let them build a motorway across the Glasgow green.

The tourists go to Bannockburn or take a loaden moor (sp?)
We whisk them through the city at 70 miles an hour.
These places just have one event that makes them worth them worth being seen,
A thousand years of history have marked the Glasgow Green.

The East End weavers fought here to get a decent living,
We fought to sop the railway in 1847,
We fought to stop the coal mines fra ruinin' the scene
We'll fight to stop the roadway across the Glasgow Green.

The planners say that everythin' is goin' be alright
They say they takin' steps to keep the car outa sight
We'd rayther they were buried doon the Clyde by submarine
Afore we'd have a motorway across the Glasgow Green

If you try to cross Argyle Street where Anderson should be,
You'll feel yourself right outa place because you're far too wee,
You've got to be a motorcar to fit inta the scene.
That's what the Council want to do to bonnie Glasgow Green.

There are nae many choices when cars approach a toon,
You've either got to keep them out or else to slow them down.
An inner-city motorway is a concept quite obscene
For Glasgow people want to walk aboot the Glasgow Green.

You Glasgow district councillors, it's time to change your plan,
The Calten (sp?) folk and Brecton (sp?) folk don't want your autobahn.
You can stuff your eight-lane highway up--ye know fine where I mean.
We will not have a motorway across the Glasgow Green.