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Posted By: catspaw49
20-Jan-99 - 10:39 PM
Thread Name: recorder music
Subject: RE: recorder music
Well Bill I was just about to pass on the same info. I have used Cocobolo for exposed end frames on several of my hammered dulcimers and they have always gotten the most attention. It is far denser than other members of the rosewood family and even without it's toxicity problems, it is very difficult to work with...and at the price of cocobolo...whooboy. It is also unlike any other rosewood in that the uneven, knotty pattern is the most prized. And I am unaware of any finish (save oil) that will adhere to it well...and it doesn't want or need oil!

I have made several sets of double sided hammers and the weight and density give a striking sound on the one side. The padded (muted) side is truly chime like. I've never let any of the hammers out because of the toxic possibilities. Not to be to be too morbid, but if a baby got hold of one ... I'm not up to it. My sister tried a set and her hands broke out and swelled considerably. I've always taken precautions, but I have never had any reaction to working with it or to the hammers. But it does surprise me that a recorder would be made from it. I'm sure they are lovely though. catspaw