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20-Jan-99 - 10:02 PM
Thread Name: recorder music
Subject: RE: recorder music
Animaterra: I told a friend about Koch's place and he went to visit it--hoping to become his assistant or apprentice and learn the craft. (This was mid-70s). He was told by Mrs. Koch that Mr. Koch had suffered a heart attack and was thinking of retiring.

That doesn't mean he didn't come back again later, of course, but it was a one-man operation and he would be pretty old by now.

Bill: Thanks for the warning. What a pity. It is such a beatutful wood. I have never had a reaction to it; but I haven't played it in over fifteen years, and I know one can develop allergies later in life. I will watch out for any signs of irritated lips.

Apropos of nothing. I seem to be allergic to the plastic that they use in making harmonicas! I can play a marine band to my heart's content; but if I play a Special 20 or something like that, my lips and toung start to burn.