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20-Jan-99 - 02:18 AM
Thread Name: recorder music
Subject: RE: recorder music
Jaques. You can do with a recorder whatever you can with any whistle plus more. Of course it doesn't sound like a whistle; but play it man!

Thanks BAZ. I don't know if the info is usefull; but it is very interesting. I was sort-of wondering how heavy it was and how they managed to shape the fipple. You answered those questions.

By the way, I have a nice tenor recorder called a "Koch". It was made by a man named Koch in (near) the White Mountains in N.H. It is made of a very dark wood called cocobolla (sp?) from Brazil. The interesting thing is it is designed after the Pretorius recorder rather than the Baroque one. This gives it a darker, more hollow tone. It is also shorter than Baroque tenors and so doesn't need a mechanical lever to get the bottom hole(s). I just fished it out of a trunk where it has been for ten years as a result of this thread.