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Posted By: Roughyed
12-Sep-01 - 07:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: Veggies !! Do you think they're prats
Subject: RE: BS: Veggies !! Do you think they're prats
Couple of things from this thread. I read that a pint of beer contains one third of your daily requirement of vitamin B12. If that's untrue, please don't tell me.

I think some vegetarians (and I've been one for over twenty years) are prats. It is still unusual to be vegetarian in the West and some vegetarians seem more interested in being unusual than they are in being vegetarian. You see the same phenomenon in left-wing politics, cyclist and even, gulp, folkies. Whie the rest of us are trying to say 'Hey this is great, listen to this you'll like it' these people seem to go out of their way to alienate others who do not agree with them.

I take the view that we are all vegetarians - in between meals.