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10-Sep-01 - 09:40 AM
Thread Name: BS: Cat's hunting habits
Subject: RE: BS: Cat's hunting habits
1.As a matter of fact, I do not have an academic background in wildlife biology, etc. However, I have worked as a volunteer at a state park for the last decade since my retirement. In addition to working directly with wild, domestic, and feral animals, I have attended numerous workshops as well as working directly with park personnel with strong academic credentials. That is why many of your comments are so laughable.

2.Please take the time to look up "torture" in the dictionary rather than creating your own flawed definition.

3.I am still waiting for you to produce a published scientific source that indicates that it is ABUSIVE to not let cats hunt.

4.Evidently my reference to the legal issues associated with cats killing certain species (i.e. owners responsibility) went right over your head.

I think that you need to make it your business to know a hell of a lot more about your animal than the ignorance and pop animal psychology that you have been spouting. It will save you a lot of embarrassment in the event that you ever get involved in am actual face-to-face argument over these issues with someone who is actually speaking from an informed opinion.