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Posted By: Ella who is Sooze
08-Sep-01 - 07:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: Cat's hunting habits
Subject: RE: BS: Cat's hunting habits
Lady Penelope...

I live more or less out in the country. My cats, are mainly house cats, but spend alot of the time (not then evenings) outdoors.

The reason he has the access to bunnys is because there are acres and acres of farmlands right next to my house.

He gets fed 3-4 times a day, and is treated very well.

As for declawing cats, I would NEVER do that... where I live, there are alot of foxes etc around... have you seen what a fox does to a cat... I have, one of mine walked home from the forest, with it's intestines hanging out. Back to our house. We took it straight to the vets, who said this was typical of a fox attack, and manage to save his life.... Had he not had his claws I doubt that he would have managed to fight free!

So, having seen that happen to an old cat of mine I could never starve a cat of what are at the end of the day his only form of defence...

I also had the misfortune to have some local kids try to kick and do various things to another cat of mine - again, I think he saving grace (apart from my dad) was that he got so ferocious that the kids gave up trying to get near him...

Guest - Fred...

My cats has the tendancy to eat pretty much 85 per cent of the rabbits - birds - etc he brings home. Oh, and by the way... there are hundreds and hundreds of rabbits around the countryside, near me... And as far as I know enough to go around the foxes... cats... and what ever else preditors on them... It's alleged we have a BIG CAT on the loose near us... could be the local mad people getting on a bit... but who knows!

It's animal nature fred!

As much as it pains me that this is so, and as much as I chatise my cat for being such a preditor, it is in their nature!