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Posted By: Clinton Hammond
07-Sep-01 - 04:36 PM
Thread Name: BS: Cat's hunting habits
Subject: RE: BS: Cat's hunting habits
Your kid might WANT to eat M&M, but a cat NEEDS to hunt... It's instinct... there's a big difference between a WANT and an INSTINCTUAL DRIVE... Neutering, while a good population control and will stop your tom cat from wanting to go on a tear for 2 weeks every spring, doesn't do much for the hunting drive... As I hinted at above, the only way to alter a behaviour so ingrained in a cat is by abuse... may as well try to teach it to not purr... or to not shed...

I also tend towards siding with the non-domestication side... Cat's haven't been living with us half as long as other domesticated animals kile say dogs and cows that have been SO SCREWED UP by the idiots of the human race (Who think they can -CONTROL- the world or that the big invisible white man in the sky GAVE it to them!!!) as to now be totally dependant on them... Abandoned cats can go feral again and become wild to the point where they cannot be taken back into homes... Dogs that get abandoned rarely return to that feral a state, and in fact will be KILLED by truely wild dogs for being 'humanised'...

Dogs have been with the human race since the time of the caves... Probably even much earlier... cows about the same lenght of time... There's strong evidence that cats have only been living close to humans since the Egyptian Era... Not a long time at all when it comes to attempting to repress or change instinct...

I wanna get a Bengal Cat... and teach it to hunt neighbourhood dogs and kids!!

gods love Ian and his furry (and not so furry) friends!