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Posted By: MMario
07-Sep-01 - 03:09 PM
Thread Name: BS: Cat's hunting habits
Subject: RE: BS: Cat's hunting habits
"occasional" is not equal to "many" - nor did I say in the first post what the "gift" offerings were (and those ARE normally shrews or voles.) Our cats DO kill and eat woodchucks and possum- tho I will grant mostly the young ones. likewise they prey primarily on the younger rabbits. "consistantly" killing rabbits does not mean that is their only prey.

Regarding losing credibility - please do not read into what I have posted what you "THINK" I am saying. Nothing I have posted is self-contridictory.

Nor am I in an urban or really even a suburban setting - even the local farmers consider our section of the county to be "in the sticks"; the fact is that the foxes and coyotes do not hunt in the area closeby the house or our grounds - and we WOULD know about it as most of our animals (especially the burro) exhibit quite noticiable behavior if they spot either foxes or coyotes. So we are very aware of when they are around - day or night. Yes the cats take down some birds (and have been seen to take them down on the wing)

On the other hand we have lost duck nests to raccoon and possum many times. (the cats have taken the occasional young raccoon - but tend mostly to just drive them off)