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Posted By: lady penelope
07-Sep-01 - 02:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: Cat's hunting habits
Subject: RE: BS: Cat's hunting habits
I have two cats, Cerys - who had never been out side till she was nearly two years old and promptly turned into a major hunter and Mungo who has been let out since he had his jabs and was looked after by a previous female cat, but turned out to be the laziest thing on four legs when it comes to hunting. Either that or he saw the documentary on Pandas and how they hunt by letting the prey come to them!

I've managed to dissuade Cerys from bringing in starlings to play with ( live )by shouting a lot when she brought them in, but she can't resist frogs and moths, which she will eventually eat (well the moths anyway ) but she does torture them something rotten.

As to bunnies, where are the owners keeping them if a cat can get at them so easily? I thought one of the main problems rabbit owners had was stopping them from escaping and protecting them from things like foxes.

the domestic cat is as indigenous to the british isles as we are and are not an ecological threat. ( well not by eating rabbits. )

As to pooping out side the box, your cat may have become ( for what ever felinous reason ) terribly fussy about how clean its' tray is and you have to either find a huge tray, or what I found worked, one of those cat loos ( the ones with the hoods ). The cat thought I was trying to take her to the vet, until she sussed there was a whole load of litter in there and then it suddenly became her best place! And we're talking about a cat that actually comes all the way indoors to go to the loo ( which should please the gardeners amongst you! )

TTFN M'Lady P.