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Posted By: GUEST
07-Sep-01 - 01:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: Cat's hunting habits
Subject: RE: BS: Cat's hunting habits
Cat's are domestic animals that do not need to hunt. That is what Cat Chow is for. In fact, a lot of cats do not even to bother to eat what they kill. Even though they have hunting insticts, that is no reason to let them kill other animals. If your neighbor's dog kills your cat, are you going to accept it if he uses the same logic that you did in your message? As for ecological disasters, you have little knowledge of the outdoors. If unchecked, a cat will wipe out an entire nest of baby rabbits, birds, etc. just to have something to play with. Or, they will easily kill the mother who refuses to leave the nest. Guess what happens? The babies starve. Magnify such incidents by thousands of cats with indifferent owners such as yourself and yes, it is a disaster. So, yes, keep the damn things indoors and get them toys or whatever. If you insist on letting them run loose, they should be spayed, neutered, and de-clawed. That makes them less of a killing machine.