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Posted By: Marymac90
07-Sep-01 - 10:35 AM
Thread Name: BS: Cat's hunting habits
Subject: RE: BS: Cat's hunting habits
My housemates have three cats. One of them, Ebony, has the initials BBB after his name, for Baby Bunny Butcher. However, he often just plays with them and frightens them half to death!

Ebony is the smartest of the three, and has long known how to do things like let himself out of doors that are not securely locked. The youngest, and least bright of the three, Sasha, has recently learned (after four years of observation!) to imitate Ebony's practice of leaning on a screen door to get out of the house. He still seems clueless re: Ebony's technique of opening an unlocked door by sliding a paw beneath it, and pulling it toward him!

The third cat, Molly, (Ebony's littermate--they're about 15), has developed VERY BAD habit--while she will do her "#1's" IN the litterbox, she deposits her "#2's" on the floor near the litterbox!!! And if her people don't clean them up often enough, she will deposit them on the rug!!! Anybody got any suggestions re: changing this behavior?