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Posted By: Auxiris
07-Sep-01 - 07:13 AM
Thread Name: BS: Cat's hunting habits
Subject: RE: BS: Cat's hunting habits
Thanks for the theory, Dai. . . makes sense. Now, do you have any advice about how I can convince her to kill her prey outdoors? I'm sure she thinks I'm a very stupid kitten, as I require a broom and dustpan to capture the rats and mice she brings me to kill. Often they escape me entirely (I'm not a cat, after all), Bauxita looses interest and leaves them for Astor to finish off when he comes home in the evening.

I know Mark, I am a sad person, naming my poor little cat after a rock (but she IS exactly the right colour). Bauxita's full name, by the way is Bauxita la gata y velcro.

Thanks for the story, Ella (sorry to admit that I'm still laughing). . . makes me think that my problem isn't so bad after all and at least neither Astor nor Bauxita go after birds very much. Perhaps the best thing I can do is keep the back door closed, though it's too bad to do that when the weather's warm, eh.