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Posted By: Joe Offer
12-Jan-99 - 05:13 AM
Thread Name: What brand condoms do Mudcatters prefer.
Subject: RE: What brand condoms do Mudcatters prefer.
Hi, Kris - it's certainly just grand to bring a subject up again and again at the 'Cat. HOWEVER, it's far better to revive the old thread and continue the previous discussion, rather than starting a new thread and scattering the information all over. That way, we build a body of information, rather than repeating what has been said before. Go to the Forum Menu and try a Forum Search ( or click here), and see if there's even been a thread on the subject. If you post a new message to that thread, it will bring the whole thread to the top of the menu.
You can use the Filter on the Forum Menu to do a quick search for names of threads posted within the last year - if you want all the threads for the past year, leave the filter box blank and set the "age" for 365 days (or however long, up to a year)- be prepared to wait, because the list of a year's threads is long. You will see that some thread titles repeat over and over again, so information about certain subjects is scattered all over or hidden in threads with generic titles like "lyrics request" - THAT'S what we're trying to avoid.
-Joe Offer-