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Posted By: Allan S.
11-Jan-99 - 08:31 PM
Thread Name: What brand condoms do Mudcatters prefer.
Subject: RE: What brand condoms do Mudcatters prefer.
Lighten up guys and gals I taught Biology and put in 2 years in the medical corps and saw some interesting infections. that could have been prevented by the use of a condom. while nothing is 100% safe at least most infections can be prevented. THere is some discussion that a virus can pass through latex. THe Sheep cecum [like the addendix] will allow the AIDS virus to pass. THe y are still on the market. I think the brand was 4X As to the joke An american whoes wife has just died goes in to morning and goes in to a store asking for a Capo Nueff meaning a black hat THe french owner thinking of the slang term for condom asks why THe american explains why and the answer is "Ah you Americans so sentimental" Oh well I will put a condom on my Martin If it must be near other Guitars