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Posted By: Bernard
20-Aug-01 - 07:21 PM
Thread Name: Help: UK Catter at Risk
Subject: RE: Help: UK Catter at Risk
When someone feels so unloved, unwanted or useless that suicide seems the only way out, they will do it.

A week ago a man who I considered to be a friend (although I only worked with him once a year) did exactly that. Next week I have to do that annual job, and he wont be there.

It's still possible that I may do it - sometimes the 'downers' are unbearable, and one day there may be no 'crutch' to lean on which will help me out.

Attempted suicides are often a 'cry for help', but mine won't be attempted. I already know how to do it quickly and (I hope) painlessly, and it will be easy for me to do it undisturbed. It won't be a cry for help. it will be final.

CraigS, you meant well, and nobody here wants you to feel that we are dismissing what you said out of hand. Your point may be valid - certainly in many cases you would be right - but not this time.

GeorgeH - I fully agree that her child is probably the one 'loose end' that she cannot easily tie up which may just prevent her from going through with it. Let's just hope her problems aren't too overwhelming.

Each time I plan my end, there is some loose end or other that I feel I must tie up before I do it - but one day... who knows?

Suicide threats must always be taken seriously - of that there is no doubt.