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Posted By: John Hardly
17-Aug-01 - 02:15 PM
Thread Name: Flat picking + two fingers. for Marion
Subject: RE: Flat picking + two fingers. for Marion
Thanks for the heavy lifting Justa!

I started using the pick and two(or three) finger technique again when I encountered the following problem that I described elsewhere. (A problem, I might add, which seems to be mine alone----I've either described it poorly or else nobody else has the problem)

Anyway, to answer the question of "Why learn to play this way?"...among other reasons;

"I'm coming to the well again to tap this resource for a playing tip. You guys who are comfortable playing up the neck----I'm wondering if you've found ways, excercises, mental or physical to allow you to play those floating scales and leads. here's an exapmle of a scale that is almost impossible for my mind to coax my fingers into allowing me to play up to speed;


Here's the thing. My many years of playing (especially first five frets) have my mind deeply entrenched in the concept that pitch gets higher when you 1. move from nut to bridge, and 2. when you move from fat strings to skinny.

When you play this (as well as other "floating" leads), suddenly your mind is telling you that when you want a higher pitch you need to follow the above two rules, BUT instead,you are actually going to be moving from fat to skinny string to get a LOWER pitch.

Anything excercise or otherwise that you've done to get your mind to grasp this (seeming) anomally?"

If I use the three finger or pick and two finger pattern picking…voila'! The pattern overcomes the mental block/anomaly.

My brother even wears finger picks on his middle and ring finger to play this way (I just use nail)