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Posted By: Rick Fielding
17-Aug-01 - 12:09 PM
Thread Name: Flat picking + two fingers. for Marion
Subject: Flat picking + two fingers. for Marion
Resisted the temptation to use a joke in the title here, 'cause I don't think there'll be a lot of folks who already employ this technique, and it may become pretty technical.

Mentioned Marion, 'cause she's a great Mudcatter who often revives these techie threads...and gets new ideas flowing.

Holding the flatpick normally and then using the middle and ring fingers to play rolls and patterns can seem very hard at first, but it's not really.

Take the basic (in a G chord) finger picking pattern, Thumb, index, thumb, middle (use strings 6,3,4,2) and merely make the thumb stroke a flatpick one, and change "index to middle" and "middle to ring".

Almost all the Nashville studio players did this from the sixties on, probably to replicate a bit of "Atkins or Travis" style along with their normal flat picking.

More, if there's interest.